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Lanny Forrester

Lanny Forrester Is An Expert Mechanic


Inc Web Stats - Lanny ForresterThe mark of a true mechanic is curiosity. Mechanics aren’t content simply to know that something works—they must understand all the underlying processes and have a good idea how they interconnect. Mechanics are always interested in “how “ behind everyday events, and are by their very nature “hands on” types. Lanny Forrester fits this characterization—he has been honing his mechanical skills all his life, even from a young age, when he was in interested in the engineering behind automobiles and airplanes.


He translated this interest into a career when he began his professional life. When Lanny Forrester began his work as a mechanic for a firm that produced heavy machinery, he quickly distinguished himself as a painstaking worker with a knack for puzzling out the way to fix a malfunctioning engine. He also displayed an excellent proficiency in the maintenance necessary to keep a machine up and running.


Though Lanny Forrester has risen from his original position as a mechanic to a position as the head of operations at a mid-sized company in the industrial handling industry, he still leverages his mechanical aptitude on a daily basis in the business setting.


However, the interest Lanny Forrester has for mechanical tinkering hasn’t only benefited him in the professional realm. A motorcyclist, Lanny Forrester uses the knowledge he has gleaned from his work to maintain and improve his motorcycle and car. His expertise is especially useful during long road trips, when mechanical knowledge can be the difference between getting back on the road or waiting for a tow truck.


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